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SIGNED PAPERBACK: Prototype & the Paradox Universe, Vol. 1: The Akashica

SIGNED PAPERBACK: Prototype & the Paradox Universe, Vol. 1: The Akashica


Embark on a transformative odyssey with Volume 1: THE AKASHICA, the inaugural chapter in the groundbreaking Prototype and the Paradox Universe series. In a world where the sanctity of human memories is under siege, Ana N Da weaves a mesmerizing narrative of courage, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of truth.


As the corrupt warlord Atom Glitch tightens his grip on the Akashica, the repository of all human knowledge, one unlikely hero emerges: Prototype 333.


Through a tapestry of suspense, horror, humor, and intrigue, readers are thrust into a realm where the boundaries of reality blur, and the very essence of humanity hangs suspended in mid-air.


As Prototype 333 confronts the shadows of adversity, the stage is set for an epic battle that will redefine the fate of existence itself.


Join Prototype's community of sci-fi lovers, beatmakers, artists, creatives, goofballs, and thinkers. 


This edition differs from the Amazon version, as it is hand-signed with gold ink by Prototype & has a heavier weighted laminate cover. This special edition also includes an invite to The Paradox Universe Discord channel.


Written and illustrated by Ana Nda.


6x9 - Portrait

130 lb gloss cover


Full-color 100lb gloss pages

Spiral bound

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